Throwback Review | Sleater-Kinney Take Rock To New Heights on Dig Me Out

On their third album in as many years, Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss took the lo-fi indie rock sound pioneered by the likes of Bikini Kill, Sonic Youth and themselves just a few years earlier and pushed it to previously unimaginable heights – all without losing the homespun, scrappy charm that had defined…

Throwback Review | ‘Historian’: Lucy Dacus

The cover of Lucy Dacus’s sophomore album depicts a character floating above the mountains with a giant speech bubble protruding from their mouth – as if the weight lifted from letting go of all of their suppressed thoughts and feelings has made them weightless. Dacus was just 21 years old when she released Historian, yet…

RANKING St. Vincent’s 20 Best Songs

Across six studio albums, Annie Clark has certified herself as one of rock’s greatest modern-day stars. Here are the 20 best songs of her phenomenal catalogue so far.

REVIEW | Valentine: Indie Rock Masterpiece

Three years after releasing her landmark debut at just 18 years old, Lindsey Jordan proves herself to be a prodigy; creating an encapsulation of modern day indie rock at it’s very best