REVIEW| Julia Stone’s Luscious ‘Sixty Summers’

Co-produced by Annie “St Vincent” Clark, the folktronica of ‘Sixty Summers’ is a noticeable departure from Julia Stone’s earlier work. The album isn’t a magnum opus, but it is a for-now career best from an artist whose best days lay ahead of them. There are certainly some tracks you’re more likely to put on repeat than others from this album, but there are no bad songs on this album. The album contains a handful of great dark dance bops – including the aptly titled ‘Dance’ and album highlight ‘Substance’. It also contains, however, darker truths; the beautiful Matt Berninger collab ‘We All Have’ is a beautiful single (even if somewhat out of place on the rest of the record), while the electronics of the title track disguise a sobering realisation: that we probably only have around 60 summers left to live. The title track showcases this album at its best: the beat is infectious and the lyrics are both dark and heart warming; recalling young love in a bittersweet, nostalgic way that makes the track feel like it was made to accompany the end-scene of a tear-jerker movie.

Score: 7.9

Best Tracks: Substance, We All Have, Dance, Sixty Summers

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