REVIEW | ‘ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH’: An Exilihirating, Chaotic And Unique Listening Experience

‘Entertainment, Death’ is the sort of album that demands repeat listens – just not for traditional reasons: the choruses aren’t exactly earworms and none of the songs follow a traditional verse-chorus-bridge structure. Instead, the songs demand repeat listens simply to be understood. There a very few albums that sound anything like ‘Entertainment, Death’: which contains a dizzying array of rock, dream-pop and metal. As suggested by it’s devil-ish album cover and the ALL-CAPS stylisation of each track, ‘Entertainment, Death’ is chaos distilled into it’s purest, sonic form. Fuzzy guitars, electronic distortion and cacophonies of drums bury the lead’s vocals. The lyrics, while not the first thing that stands out on the album (it’s hard on first listen to think of anything other than the chaotic sound of the LP) are surprisingly sad and affecting in parts; chronicling depression, isolation and self-destruction. While the album’s bolder sonic decisions occasionally overshoot the runway, ‘Entertainment, Death’ – as a whole – stands as an exilihirating ode to the chaos of the modern age.

Score: 7.3

Best Tracks: Give Up Your Life, Rapid & Complete Recovery, The Server Is Immersed, Death

Worst Tracks: Bad Son, There’s Nothing You Can’t Do, I Suck The Devil’s C*ck

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