Mini Reviews 2 – Carly Rae Jepsen, Poppy, Grimes, Lucinda Williams

From top left to bottom right: Dedicated: Side B, I Disagree, Miss Anthropocene, Good Souls Better Angels

Dedicated: Side B – Carly Rae Jepsen // After her hits ‘Call Me Maybe’ and ‘I Really Like You’, Carly Rae Jepsen faded from the spotlight and became something of a cult favourite. Now, she is regarded by many music commentators as one of the most promising pop stars of the modern age. On ‘Dedicated: Side B’ she proves why. It’s hard to imagine that there are many other singers whose outtakes would be this good (in fact, many singers final cuts aren’t as good as Jepsen’s outtakes). (7.8/10)

I Disagree – Poppy // Most Youtubers who venture into the music industry end up releasing some highly regrettable music that is almost laughably bad. However, Poppy has always been an exception to this rule, and on ‘I Disagree’ she continues to prove her critics wrong. On her third studio album, the Youtuber blends pop and heavy metal to create an album that is both enjoyable and accessible. Nothing has ever quite sounded like it. (7.7/10)

Miss Anthropocene – Grimes // For all the hype I’ve heard about ‘Miss Anthropocene’, Grimes’s fifth studio album didn’t leave as strong an impression on me as I had expected. However, this album is a palatable record and is likely to please the vast majority of Grimes’s fans (6.2/10)

Good Souls Better Angels – Lucinda Williams // Lucinda Williams is back with her 14th studio album ‘Good Souls Better Angels’. On this album, Williams’s vocals are as good as ever and her anger is fitting for the current age (and is best channelled in the track ‘Man Without a Soul’ – widely believed to be about President Trump – where she sings: “You’re a man bought and sold / You’re a man without soul” and “You bring nothing good to this world”). That said, this album can, at times, feel somewhat repetitive and – at one hour in length – patience testing. (7.1/10)